Elevate your company’s IP awareness to improve decisions and results. Communicate IP intelligence, strategy and results to staff, executives and board of directors.
Build IP performance metrics into corporate planning, communication and reports.
Achieve focused improvements through e-learning and consultant led work sessions.


Build your intellectual property into your business strategy


  • Reconnect the cycle of innovation with the IP strategy
  • Educate and raise awareness about the IP strategy
  • Propose and implement good practices in the strategic management of a patent portfolio (methods of analysis, evaluation tables, traceability etc.)
  • Increase the flow of invention disclosures, which are the building blocks of a portfolio
  • Define and apply patent performance indicators and tables for internal reporting
  • Measure the contribution of patents to the organization's success
  • Implement an infringement detection system
  • Guidelines on How to communicate the industrial property strategy (internally et externally)

Our added value

  • The heart of our business is IP Management – Experience acquired with the CEA, one of the leading French patent applicants
  • Highly reactive and adaptable, in phase with the client’s needs
  • Personalized service throughout the mission
  • Secondment of staff, if necessary
  • Capacity to discuss industrial property strategy with members of the company at all levels


  • A personalized white paper on the best practices for each specific service



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