Gem32 joins Questel and becomes Gem360

Paris and Bordeaux, France, September 22, 2015 — Questel, one of the world’s main online service providers dedicated to intellectual property, announces the acquisition of Gem360, a French start-up from Bordeaux, that provides a innovative solution to manage a patent portfolio and forecast its costs. Gem360 will support Questel’s ideation and invention disclosure offer.

«The Patent is more than just a defensive right. It is a real company asset that needs to be fully aligned with the company’s strategy», ensures Charles Besson, CEO of Questel. «An Idea as well as an Invention Disclosure are the embryos and adolescents of potential patents and need to be managed with the same objective in mind. Thanks to Gem360, we will now be able to offer our clients the option to manage their assets from one end of the innovation lifecycle to the other».
«We share with Questel a vision of IP that is much more business oriented than administrative. Gem360 rounds off Questel’s IAM (Intellectual Asset Management) offer and we are very pleased to join the team in order to integrate these components and to benefit from their experience», adds Xavier Dieumegard and Sylvain Goiran, founders of Gem360. «Xavier and Sylvain, besides the fact of having an entrepreneurial spirit that is much appreciated in Questel, also are, at the onset, patent portfolio management professionals», adds Charles Besson. «As there was no offer available that matched their needs, especially at the budgetary cost control level, they went out and made their own solution!».

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