Questel signs an MOU with Korean Anyfive during the KINPA conference in Seoul, Korea

At an overwhelmingly popular KINPA conference this year in Korea’s capitol Seoul, attracting more than 400 visitors, Anyfive and Questel have participated together and signed a Memoradum of Understanding (MoU) consolidating their worldwide partnership.
Miguel Iglesias, Questel’s Sales Director signed an agreement with Anyfive’s president.
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Anyfive completes its range of IPR services and tools with Questel’s products and services.
Intellectual property platform and services specialist AnyFive signed with French company Questel a business agreement.
AnyFive together with Questel will be able to combine IPR and portfolio solutions with IP databases and the analysis tools.
AnyFive said that « through the global market expansion, intellectual property platform services will help business competitiveness strengthen and pursue new business objectives. »

…Through this agreement, Anyfive will ensure solutions combining IP-specialist solutions with business services…

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