Align your business with your IP Strategy

The conference for Innovation Directors in Paris France December 10th, 2015, organized by the Development Institute International (Dii) at the Chateauform’ City
Le Cnit, brings together decision makers in the area of Innovation in France.

The conference will be in French.

Questel’s presentation will indicate and explain some key measures to help you align your business with your Intellectual Property Strategy, and within a given innovation project, in order to stimulate creativity and accelerate innovation.
Patrick Pierre, Senior Vice President Questel consulting will hold a key presentation supporting technology savy companies in their quest to accelerate their innovation efforts by giving three main steps:
– Position your innovation challenges, in order to
– Plan your IP strategy, and then
– Unfurl your IP roadmap and innovation.

Patrick Pierre, Senior Vice-President, QUESTEL CONSULTING
Other presentations during the conference will be given by innovation, research directors and partners of companies SODEXO
Volvo Group, Tilt Ideas, Heetch, Matooma, LG Electronics, Bouygues Immobilier, Allianz France
Unilever – Foods

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