Innovation-roundtable – november 3st-4th, 2015

Logo_Innovation_roundtableThe Innovation roundtable attracts a profile of participants interested in innovation.

These range in the area of R&D, Product development, Market Intelligence and Innovation itself.
All C level executives, these participants had the knowledge of what is done but little awareness in the area of Intellectual Property which is Questel’s forte and message really.

Geographically, participants came mostly from Northern Europe with German, Dutch and Scandinavians and just a small portion from the rest of the world, such as the USA.

Questel chose to address two key topics: Leveraging Intellectual Property to fuel innovation streams, on the one hand and:
Using Patent Indicators to invest in the Right Technology.

Organized along 7 themes, each participant could pick and choose their own area of interest and follow the theme throughout the conference:

  • Business Model Innovation & New Business Creations
  • Innovation Culture & Transformative Leadership
  • Collaboration with Startups
  • Design Thinking & Foresighting
  • Digital Transformation & Service Innovation
  • Open Innovation & Technology Scouting
  • Efficiency & Complexity Management in R&D

In the form of roundtable discussions, networking and discussion circles.

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