IP Services World Munich 2015

IP Services World 2015 edition focussed on the following topics:

Filing, Annuities & Renewals
IP Valuation & Exploitation
IP Law Services
IP Software
IP Strategy & Management
IP Information & Searching Services
Trademark Management & Protection

of which Ip valuation, IP software, IP Strategy & Management and IP Information & Services Services are right in the field of Questel products and services.

Dr. Roland Gissler, Advisory member of IP Services World together with 6 prominent IP actors in the academic and industrial field (http://www.ipserviceworld.com/advisory_board.html) and Strategic Account Manager presented:
IP Risk Management
• IP Strategy
• Portfolio Benchmarking
• Metrics – Key Performance Indicators* Systematic Evaluation of typical critical situations in IP * Technology Scouting
• Ability to exclude others
• Legal and Business Risk Assessment

Onsite Questel’s German team was present: Dr. Roland Gissler, Katherine Grzelak, and Daniel Ovadya and welcomed visitors to the booth
and helped them find solutions to their and answers to their questions.

2 weeks prior to the conference the folloeing topic was presented:
Securing and strengthening your IP portfolio for the future.

Improve your understanding of your environment to make informed business decisions for strategic planning.
Assess your ability to exclude others in your market and benchmark your company’s position against competitors in 4 steps.

First, understand the current situation of the market in order to evaluate the level of competition the IP portfolio owner is facing.
Secondly, select and categorize the portfolio in relation to this competition.
Thirdly, evaluate the IP position of the company that is being analysed.
Lastly, have this information support your decision and plan actions ahead.

Presenters Daniel Ovadya, Senior Account Manager Questel and Roland Gissler.

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