Questel Webinar – Who will be the mobility provider of tomorrow?


Who will be the next main mobility provider?
Understand what is going on in the autonomous vehicle technology space.

  • Who are the key players?
  • How should I prepare for the future?
  • Where can I watch this technology space?

Join us for an online autonomous vehicle technology review

Thursday the 24th of March

at 10 am CET (Paris)



Benoit Chevalier
Specialized in IP portfolio audit and patent strategy development, Benoit’s practice area lies in ITC, transport and electronics, with a specific knowledge in the autonomous vehicle and cyber security industry. Benoit has a ten years analyst and licensing management experience with CEA Valorisation.



Viviane Chilton
Sales and account manager at Questel Consulting, Viviane is leading the European business development and client services activities. Viviane has over 15 years’ experience in IP sales & management in Germany, UK and France.

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