An independent product review of Intellixir

A review of the data analysis solution Intellixir  – by Doctor Michelle  Maxwell, Jinfo

The Intellixir system was created to enable information professionals, research analysts, and competitive intelligence specialists to efficiently and effectively manage and analyse the ever-increasing number of patents and scientific publications they encounter.
Questel recently bought Intellixir in order add patent and scientific data analysis solutions to their portfolio of products.

Key Advantages of the Product

  • The Intellixir solution provides the ability to search and retrieve information from patent, scientific articles, clinical trial sources, both from internal, public, and commercial sources.
  • Intellixir is accessed with a web browser of choice (Intellixir is a Software as a Service product).
  • Data from varying sources can be normalised via affiliations and assignees. This data can be further categorised using dedicated features.
  • The graphical presentations are rich and interactive, providing valuable insights into collaborations, trends and opportunities.
  • Relevant results can be exported with supporting data to produce reports. Relevant study files can be exported through the easy export icons.

Download the complete review here

The review was made by Doctor Michelle Maxwell