An independent product review of Orbit

Product Review of Questel ORBIT IP – by Scott Vine, Jinfo

The present report gives an in-depth, independent review of the product, plus links to related resources.
“…the company is now firmly focused on offering solutions to problems, and its latest evaluation modules put the power that was previously just in the hands of Questel’s consultants, with the subscriber…”

Quick Take on Key Advantages

Based on a test of the product, Jinfo offers the following key advantages offered by Questel ORBIT IP:

  • ƒIt is a fast and effective tool for conducting basic and more complex patent research.
  • The Key Content section of results is time-saving as it allows you to include and exclude results quickly and effectively, by being able to hone in on the main content and concepts of a patent, without the need to read too much information.
  • ƒƒThe Evaluation modules provide a unique means of analyzing patent data as part of any internal or external SWOT analysis.
  • The prevalence of in-context help such as the use of speech bubbles and the presence of the question mark icon across the product make it very easy to understand the functionality and purpose of each aspect of the product, and allow you to get comfortable using the product quickly.

Download  the full review here.

Review was produced by Scott Vine, an independent  evaluator