Questel Consulting Webinar: Due Diligence took place on June 2nd, 2016

Investment, fundraising, and M&A.

Secure, Boost and Leverage Your IP Value.

  • Assess your IP strengths and weaknesses from a business perspective.
  • Identify IP opportunities and threats.
  • Implement disruptive IP roadmaps.
  • Sustain your competitive advantage.


Cyril Mavré, is an Associate Director and Senior Consultant at Questel Consulting. With 12 years of licensing and IP strategy experience, Cyril has helped dozens of companies to define and deploy their IP strategy to help improve their performance and profitability. With skills in physics and biotechnology, Cyril is able to link life and engineering science teams together. Cyril also specializes in the financial valuation of patents.
Sacha Lafaurie, is a Sales Manager for Europe at Questel Consulting. He specializes in issues relating to innovation and has 12 years of experience in the field of management consulting, collaborative research and innovation. With a Master’s degree in economic geography and innovation, Sacha is involved in comprising strategic missions that deal with economic development issues and research policies with public institutions.

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