Questel in the news in China

Questel case study explains how easy to use and helpful Orbit can be.

Published June 6th – China IP Magazine

Questel, the world’ leading intellectual property information service provider, held a seminar on May 30th and 31st in Beijing and Shanghai respectively focusing on IP management case analysis.
Eugenie Merigeault, Questel’s IP Strategy Expert from France and Sean Gao, Questel’s Senior Advisor for the Asia-Pacific region, presented.

Case studies: autonomous vehicle and microchip industries

Through the case study focusing on the driverless technology, Ms. Eugenie Merigeault explained how to perform an IP analysis and to perform an IP roadmap for R & D companies. Mr Gao presented a case study focusing on the microchip industry in China who explained how an IP analysis in this sector could be performed. the two presentations gave insight into how the Orbit system is of particular use in analyzing data for companies.

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