Questel Forms Strategic Partnership with Concur IP on Patent Application Drafting Services

Questel, one of the world’s leading online service providers dedicated to intellectual property, announced today its strategic partnership with Concur IP Consulting, a high-end consulting firm specialized in intellectual property. This partnership will expand Questel’s offerings to include patent drafting services, making it another step closer to becoming a one-stop shop for all IP needs in each stage of the innovation cycle.

The drafting service is available to worldwide clients needing patent applications in English at affordable rates. The operation is overseen by Questel’s Patent Research Department Director in their United States office to ensure efficient communication and high quality throughout the process. This addition of patent application drafting services complements Questel’s extensive list of existing offerings of IP online tools, consulting, patent research, online education and document services. A package discount is available for clients who request multiple services or orders made in bulk.

Concur IP caters to the IP needs of corporations, law firms, universities, research organizations, consulting firms, and licensing support firms in a cost-effective manner. Patent application drafting is one of their core business offerings, and the team has the extensive experience of drafting more than 1,000 patent applications cumulatively in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, Software and Telecommunications. Concur IP’s distinct advantages in patent application drafting include:

Deane O Elliott, Director of Patent Research, who will be overseeing this patent application operation in the U.S. says “We are very excited to offer this drafting service to our host of IP services. I have worked personally with the co-founder of Concur IP (Nitin Agrawal) for years. His experience and attention to detail over the years resulted in the selection of Concur IP by Questel for this strategic partnership.”

Sachin Sinha, Co-founder of Concur IP says “We are very proud to enter into this strategic partnership with Questel and complement their existing IP services offerings. This partnership will enable companies to significantly reduce the cost of drafting patent applications without compromising on the quality. Our team of experienced IP professionals understand the importance of drafting quality patent applications and that will remain our main focus.”

Patent application drafting service is now available.
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Concur IP was formed with the specific purpose of providing high-end IP consulting services in a cost-effective manner. Concur IP’s solutions cater to various IP needs of corporates, law firms, universities, research organizations, consulting firms, and licensing support firms. Core services offerings include patent application drafting, office action responses, patent licensing & litigation support services, patent research and analytics.

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