Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


A critical investment for long-term success

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We strive to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders. And we understand that our duties as an Intellectual Property and Innovation solutions provider come with vast responsibilities: Toward the economy and society, as an employer, and for our environment.

Questel CSR 5-year plan : our main Group’s objectives to reach before 2025

50% of managers are women

100% of our employees are trained and involved in our CSR strategy

50% of our suppliers have signed our CSR policy / code of conduct

10 partnerships with major universities around the world

50% of offices and servers run on green energy

-50% of internal travel CO2 emission per employee

20% of new electronics are reconditioned

100% of our offices found hardware sustainable waste solutions

25% of our purchases are from local suppliers

Questel CSR Impact Report

Discover in this document :

  • our CSR strategy
  • our achievements
  • our commitments in the main 4 UN Global Compact issue areas

Corporate Social

To meet the environmental, societal and ethical challenges, we are committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility approach.


Our anti-corruption policy aim to assist staff understand and apply our anti-corruption policy and integrity guidelines.

Sustainable Purchasing

Our 3 pillars: leverage innovation partnerships with suppliers, increase competitiveness and contribute to local development.

Ethical Marketing

Our principles: We have chosen to operate with honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect, transparency and, citizenship.

Supplier Diversity

Questel Translations (MultiLing) works with more than 1,300 translators around the world and applies ethical, diversity and non-discrimination standards.

2021 CSR in progress

We define quantified targets and we are in a continual improvement process.

… for the United Nations Global Compact (COP)

Evolution and analysis of the variations of the selected KPIs

Compliance with 5 investors ESG reporting

2020 CSR Key Trait

We have implemented a dedicated team, tools and processes.

… signatory member of the United Nations Global Compact

ESG reporting

… is been set up for the whole Questel Group

Carbon footprint

Implementation of a carbon footprint at Questel for 2019 and 2020 

CSR team

…centralized and local representatives

EcoVadis evaluations

After Questel Translation (MultiLing), Questel SAS extends the scope of EcoVadis evaluation

Home office

… 2 days a week : employees’ well being & reduction of transportation use

CSR library

CSR e-learning program circulated to the entire group

Social projects

4 more projects supported (Peru, Germany, France, India)

Business continuity

… positive mindset, flexibility and adaptability during Covid 19 crisis

Grinding coffee beans machines

… are installed in Questel’s offices to reduce capsules use


2019 CSR
Key Trait

We have defined our mission and established the foundations of our CSR strategy.

… integrated into the articles of association in 2019


46% of the group owned by employees

3 learning tools

Develop the culture of knowledge sharing



5 social projects

in 5 countries: Peru, USA, Singapore, India, France

4 charters

CSR, Anti-corruption, Sustainable purchasing, Ethical marketing

Silver Medal

EcoVadis: Multiling ranked Silver in September 2019

B Corporation

Discussion in progress
with B Lab Europe


1 week

… of awareness raising on disability conditions

Green goodies

… made from recycled material for Tradeshows


Employees meet quarterly with top management


Priority to videoconferencing and local equipment rental


Track customer satisfaction and feedbacks monitoring