Turn information into value

Our Company

Questel provides a comprehensive suite of services dedicated to IP. Our offerings include:

Competitive intelligence and technological landscaping; ideation management and innovation capture; technology scouting and licensing-in; invention management and prior-art searching; portfolio management/pruning; licensing-out/monetisation; consulting services and training.

Established in 1978 and trusted by 3,000+ companies and 100,000 users worldwide, Questel’s solutions target a large audience in business development, R&D, legal, financial and licensing departments.

Our Values


As the 1st step toward respect
“Speak to everyone in the same way. And listen…”


With coworkers, partners and customers of course, but first with ourselves
“Know Thyself”


To try, to fail, and to try again.
“The journey, rather than the success”

Our History

Questel was created in 1978 as a subsidiary of Orange S.A., formerly France Télécom S.A.. In 2001, it spun off from France Telecom and focused exclusively on intellectual property. With premises in Europe, US, and Asia, it has become a worldwide leader through an active acquisition strategy and constant innovations becoming standard in the industry.

2018 Launch service

Orbit BioSequence

2018 Acquisitions

MultiLing, intellectual property language translation services, USA
Expernova, scientific big data and open innovation, France

2018 LBO 3

IK Investment Partners invests in Questel

2017 Acquisitions

ULT, patent and trademark management software, Japan
ITIP, prosecution cost management and international filing, USA

2017 Launch service

Orbit Chemistry

2016 Launch services

Orbit Intellectual Asset Management (IAM)
Orbit Trademark

2015 Launch service

Orbit Express

2014 Service launch

Orbit IP Business Intelligence

2015-2016 Acquisitions

Intellixir, online IP and scientific analysis, France
Gem360, online IP management, France
IP Research, Prior-Art search services, USA

2015 LBO 2

Raise and Capazanine invest in Questel exiting Syntegra

2009-2013 Acquisitions

Avenium, IP Consulting, France
ResearchDisclosure, defensive publication publisher, UK
PatentPilot, online patent alerting service, Germany

2012 Launch service

ExecutiveIP, IP eLearning service

2010 Launch service, replacing

2008 LBO 1

Syntegra invests in Questel

2005-2009 Acquisitions

Specialized Patent Service, Prior-Art search services, USA
ThePatentPeople, Prior-Art search services, USA
Edital, online and offline trademark search service, Belgium
Digipat, File History provider, USA

2001 Spin-off

France Télécom Spin-off

1997 Launch service, first online patent search service ever developed

1978 France Télécom subsidiary

Télésystèmes, former name of Questel