Are your patent renewals compliant with international money-laundering regulations?

The global shift to digital banking and e-commerce has introduced new forms of financial crime and corruption. International regulations, laws, and monitoring authorities are evolving to strengthen protection for individuals, companies, and the world’s economies from fraud, financial crime, money laundering, bribery, and the financing of terrorism.

Penalties for non-compliance with these regulations are potentially severe. Organizations are at risk of hefty fines, damage to reputation, confiscation of assets and even prison sentences. Legal departments and their law firm advisors work hard to ensure their business’s financial transactions – and supply chains – comply. Yet, until relatively recently, payments to providers of IP services, such as patent renewals, were overlooked.

In this eBook, we set out the benefits of choosing a regulated service provider for your patent renewals. From money-laundering prevention to cost transparency, the right provider will have the certified processes necessary to achieve compliance –and deliver peace of mind.

As the first patent renewals provider to be fully approved as a regulated provider of IP financial transactions, we are proud to have set a new benchmark for secure patent transactions. In this eBook, we share our route to compliance, robust methodology, and the steps we have taken to deliver secure patent payments for customers.

Download the eBook to discover:

1. 9 key benefits of choosing a regulated supplier
2. How we achieved compliance for patent payments
3. What our robust methodology means for you
4. Our document compliance checklist for customers

Download our eBook

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