Orbit Invention

Collaborative Invention-to-Filing, and Blockchain-based IP protection.


Fill out the invention disclosure form. Inventors describe their inventions in a tailored invention disclosure form with immediate access to similar corporate and non-corporate inventions, avoiding redundancy.


Invention review. Technical experts and other stakeholders can be consulted for advice during the review process. Each stakeholder provides an evaluation of the disclosed invention.


Invention rating. Reviews, ratings and comments help the decision committee foster their conclusion, providing a solid fast-track decision to file, keep secret, publish, etc.


Outside intellectual property counsel access. Share your invention disclosure with in-house or outside patent counsel, track patent drafting and validate the decision to file.


Simple dashboards. The status of pending submitted inventions can be tracked by department, program, inventor, progress, etc.


Use Blockchain. An additional module allows you to timestamp your inventions; whether or not you decide to launch a filing process.