Company and organization new profiles on Orbit Innovation: more interactive and comprehensive than ever!

Access all documents from profiles

All inventions, scientific papers, clinical trials or projects of every company or organization now directly accessible from their profile. This feature allows you to grasp the big picture of the publication strategy of the organization, as well as enabling you to dive into the details.

Simply click on each section to open portfolios.

Navigate through the company network

With the new Network analysis, you can now visualize broader connections of each company or organization.

Combining network analysis with filters and tags, you can now easily understand influence, evaluate reach and identify relevant relations with competitors or partners.

Filter and manipulate data

You can now filter document portfolios by date, country, type… and change graph visualization at will to better fit with your standards and focus: analyze long trends and historical players or highlight acceleration and identify new comers!

Deeper analysis of results

You can now access selected documents from a company related to your search. This allows you to validate your selection by scanning relevant papers and inventions.

Using this “why” section, you can now open deep analysis allowing you to better understand results, whether a company is a major player with lot of experience or a new comer with momentum on a new technology.

New graphs

Brand news graphs combining multiple types of data are now available within analysis screens.

New graphs include stacking charts, allowing you to see at a glance the experience of a company on a specific technology.

New stacking lines chart highlights momentum of a company on a specific topic by showing the activity trend over last years. This automatic projection allows you to grasp if the company is accelerating investment on this technology.