Launching unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) image recognition in Orbit Trademark

Limitation of Vienna classification

Conducting an image search, prior filling a device or a combined trademark, is a difficult task for any IP professional. The current approach mainly relies on the International Vienna Classification.

While useful, the Vienna Classification is not available for all registers. Few countries do not use it altogether, relying on local device classification. Furthermore, the Vienna Classification is not always keyed-in consistently across all the registers. Its attribution is manual and subjective, depending greatly on PTOs examiners’ description of the image. Some devices are not easy to describe using the Vienna codes, this can lead to noise while searching (Vienna: 270501, 270110, 290200…) or missing important images.

Additionally, searching using classification gives results difficult to process, as it is not ranked based on image similarity.

Classification searches are thus often expensive, not always reliable and time consuming.

AI powered Image recognition search

Using cutting edge technology, we developed a sophisticated AI image search to consistently retrieve all similar devices, in just a few seconds and in all our 185 trademark registers. Results are ranked by relevancy with most similar images at the top.

How to proceed

To conduct a device search, it is very easy! Go to Ai Image recognition.

1 - Select the registers you wish to perform a search in:

2 - Upload your pictures

3 - Run your search clicking on the “Result” button

4 - Review the result and select similar devices