Review feature enhancement

Notify users when a custom field value is added or modified.

What is the Review feature?

The Review feature of Orbit Intelligence allows users to notify recipients when:

Who and what is it for?

Orbit Intelligence users who need to invite recipients to read, comment, review on patent information each time new or updated documents occur in selected workfiles

How does it work?

The Review feature can be configured on a per workfile basis. Notification period can be configured to broadcasts emails to recipients with links to patent information.

At the defined frequency each workfile is surveyed to broadcast information to recipients on either:

How to use it?

Orbit Intelligence users who use Workfiles need to activate this option. Please contact your Questel Acount Manager.

Access to

Login Orbit Intelligence to access configuration of your workfiles.

Configure workfile on “Document added or updated”

Configure workfile on “Value of user fields are changed”

Email issued when “Documents are added or updated in a workfile”

Email issued when “Value of user fields changed in a workfile”

Review and Comment in Orbit Intelligence