Result combination with Orbit BioSequence

It is now possible to combine Orbit BioSequence results with any other type of patent search (keyword, number, classification, assignee, …) or chemistry search (structure, name, …)

Even better, Orbit BioSequence results can be filtered and the resulting filtered results can be combined in the previous history with AND, OR, NOT.

Do a BioSequence search with a human estrogen receptor and filter by %ID over query

Do a Chemistry search for 'progesterone'.

Make a Keyword search. Here simply the word 'cancer'.

Combine the filtered BioSequence results with the Chemistry search and the Keyword search in your Search History.

Everything is now available together: Chemistry, Alignments and Keywords.

Now that all your hits are visible, you may detach the appropriate tabs and see all data important to you at once. Using the keyboard, you can navigate through families and all windows will be automatically updated.

For once, you can have all relevant data in front of your eyes.