Advanced Citation Search

Greater and finer search options

The deep granularity of patent citations in Orbit Intelligence needed more search options. Those options are now available.

Advanced citation search

A new Advanced citation search is now available under the citations button, at the top of your hitlist. This button is activated with any selection of records.

The advanced citation search menu offers a number of search criteria and limitations.

It is thus possible to search for patent families that have been cited by your selection or that were cited by the patent families you have selected.

You can limit a search on backward or forward citations to self citations or non-self citations (third parties) only.

It is also possible to limit citations by origin (Examiner citations, applicant citations or third party citations).

Last but not least, you now have the possibility to limit citations to novelty or obviousness rejections (categories X, Y, I, 102, 103):

Citations synthesis

For each record retrieved by your citation search, the citations tab displays each cited patent family, first application date, title, company name, citation source and rejection type.

Citation graph

The “Citation graph” button located at the top right of the citations tab screen offers a graphical view of a patent’s citations.

It is possible to display citations by patents or by patent families.

The “Color by” menu makes it possible to distinguish the analyzed Fampat patent families, the cited/citing families or the top assignees.

The filter button offers the possibility to focus on the following criteria:

Family citations vs patent citations

Orbit Intelligence is the only tool offering the option to search either by patents or by patent families. This allows users to choose the searching and analysis environment, and it all applies to citations.

In the patent environment, it is thus possible to search for patents that have been cited by your selection or that were cited by the patents you have selected.

In the patent family environment, citations will be retrieved for all family members and show the list of cited and citing patent families. The outcome is a very complete citations review.