Darts-ip integration in Orbit Intelligence

Boost your patent searches, analyses and strategy with global patent litigations and oppositions.

Darts-ip and Questel have partnered to offer dual subscribers the best of both services.

Level 1
Free indication of patent involvement in litigations and oppositions.

All Orbit Intelligence users, from Bronze to Platinum, are now able to :

1. Filter search results by litigations and oppositions from around the world.

2. Spot at a glance litigated and opposed patents in search results.

The hand chip indicates that the patent family faces/has faced one or more oppositions.

The hammer chip indicates the presence of one or more litigations involving the patent family.

No further information is available for users who do not have a valid subscription to Darts-ip.

3. Analyze by litigated and opposed patents around the world.

Litigation and opposition analyses are available to Orbit Intelligence Silver, Gold and Platinum licence holders only.

Level 2
Darts-IP subscribers value-added content and features

On top of the level 1 access, all Orbit Intelligence users holding a valid subscription to Darts-ip are able to Display and Analyze.

1. Display

  • Plaintiff
  • Defendant
  • First action date
  • Case closing date
  • Last action date
  • Court name
  • Law firm
  • Winner
  • Damages
  • Case length
  • Injunction
  • Preliminary injunction
  • Decision on the merits
  • Decision on procedural
  • Withdrawal
  • Settlement
  • Validity
  • Amended claims

The details of such premium litigation and opposition information is accessible from the chips in the filter, hitlist and preview panel.

Clicking on the chips allow your to access the key case information cards.

2. Analyze

Litigations, litigation countries, plaintiffs, defendant, opponents.

All of the above fields can be combined with any other available content in Orbit Intelligence.

Expect a lot more options very soon…

If you do not own a valid subscription to darts IP and would like to try out those options, please contact your Questel representative.