Orbit Innovation

New Export to XLS and PNG and, understand better the research results

Export to XLS and PNG

From now on, you can export all document lists (list of inventions, list of organizations, list of people...) to XLS format and export all graphics (trends, distributions, networks...) present in Orbit Innovation to PNG format. By simply clicking on the 3-point symbol at the top right of each list and image, you get files ready to be integrated in a few seconds.

Important: for reasons of performance and data ownership, the lists exported in XLS contain the same number of lines as those displayed on your screen: if you display 300 inventions, your file will then contain 300 lines. To display more lines, it is necessary to browse the list.

Understand better the research results

Thanks to the "WHY" functionality on the organizations’ files (universities, companies...) and on the people’s files, you obtain elements to better understand your search results. By clicking on the different analysis gauges (experience, networks, IP activity...), you can now view targeted networks, samples of targeted documents, trend analyses on the subject... With these different data sorted and summarized in summary tables, you can validate and understand your search results.