Metrics available in the Live analysis

Would you buy a car if you had only been informed about one of its characteristics? Sure, it does 0-60 in 3 seconds but? Does it run of gas, electric or hybrid? What's its safety rating? Does it have space for 3 kids plus luggage?

You can draw parallels with a detailed patent landscape, it's great to know how many patent families each company has but it's also critical to understand how well protected those families are and what the impact of those families have been. We can do this using metrics like forward citations count, family size and geographic coverage.

Up until now these metrics have been available in the saved analysis but not in the live environment. Now 50% of the metrics are directly available in the live analysis, in the Settings menu.

Metrics which are now available in the live analysis

Patent family-based metrics

Legal status



Forward citation metrics

Generic indicators

Cost metrics

New Charts which are now available in the live analysis:

All of the other metrics are still available in the saved analysis. To access these additional metrics just click the save analysis button.