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export icon Metrics in the saved analysis

We are pleased to announce a major improvement to the analysis module which will allow Platinum users to access 30 patent strength indicators directly from their saved analyses.

Metrics / patent strength indicators

Currently, the vast majority of the analysis performed in Orbit Intelligence are based on the count of patent families.  This is in itself a fantastic metric, because the Questel patent families are invention-based you can use this metric to identify which companies, technologies, inventors etc. have the most patent inventions and how the trends are changing over time.

However, the pure number of inventions is only the tip of the iceberg. To get a better understanding of the landscape, advanced analysts are using a number of different metrics to go beyond the pure numbers game.

These metrics have been available for a while within our Evaluation modules, which guide users through specific analysis workflows for specific scenarios, including portfolio pruning, licensing, technology scouting etc. Now, the same metrics are available in the freestyle analysis module to give our users the power to utilize these indicators on any of their charts.

A veritable comparison / benchmarking tool

In order for users to get the most from these new metrics, we have also added a new chart type – the Tabular bar which allows you to visualize a number of different metrics for the same Assignees, Inventors, technology groups etc. This is a great tool for helping to benchmark one portfolio’s strengths/weaknesses against other players in the same space.

Access the new functions

If you are already a Platinum user, save your analysis and you’ll automatically have access.

If you are not yet a Platinum user, do not hesitate to get in touch with us; we’ll be happy to upgrade your account so you can trial the new functionalities.

Metric definitions and additional details

Full definitions and additional details are available in the Metric definitions sheet.

updated Circle chart

To access the new metrics, save your analysis, open a chart, click Settings, and select the metrics from the Value options menu. The metrics can be used on any of the following charts: Bar/Column chart, Pie chart, Bubble chart / Heat map, World map, Hex chart, Tag cloud.

updated Dashboard legal risk assessment

The new tabular bar chart.

updated Foam tree

You can customise the displayed metrics from the settings menu.