Orbit Express Exports

Orbit Express is a companion of Orbit Intelligence. The tool is dedicated to engineers who have to make their own research on a powerful and secure Patent Database using desktop or mobile devices.

Once you have executed a search and identified relevant patents, you can export your selection in 2 electronic formats: Excel and PDF. The export option is available from the  More options button.

It is possible to export a selection of records from:

1. A list of search results

2. A saved List in My Projects

3. A saved Workfile in My Projects

It is also possible to export an individual record from its detailed view.

Once you have clicked on the export option, the following menu pops up, offering a choice between 2 electronic formats, Excel or PDF.

Once you have clicked on the Export button, you can fetch the document in your Downloads section, as shown below.

Excel export.

Clicking on the Change format button allows you to export the same selection in the other electronic format.

For example, the PDF format.

Example of PDF export.