Orbit Express V3.1

Highlight improvement

Highlighting words is a key feature when reading documents. As Orbit Express is especially focused on patent reviewing, it now offers a highlighting of the terms found in the document with location in the scroll bar.

Notice that this feature also works for non-Latin languages!

Rich text comments

Orbit Intelligence allows the creation of rich text comments with highlights, italic or bold characters, lists, etc ... Orbit Express already allowed the display of these comments as they were written, but it now also allows the modification with these enrichments.

New fields

Orbit Express V3.1 brings new fields to patent records:

Classification codes: Links to code definition

Classification codes such as IPC or CPC are key to limit a search to fields of interest. However, remembering the definition of each classification code is a challenge faced by all. In Orbit Express, classification codes are now direct links to their respective definition on the corresponding Office website: