Orbit Innovation

Brand new dashboard: Competitive Landscape

Discover our new Orbit Innovation dashboard dedicated to competitor analyses. Using the “Competitive Landscape” you can readily understand the competitive environment around topics of your choice.
Exploring metrics and analyses of your competitors’ work, will allow you to:

The dashboard is a collection of graphs and analyses that allows you to see at a glance your competitive environment, compare actors and evaluate how your business is relative to them.

To launch a Competitive Landscape on a topic, simply use the keyword search bar and then select "Competitive Landscape" from the list of dashboards.

You will first be asked to define your company and identify your known competitors. This mandatory step generates dashboards in relevant context. Note that you can define up to 15 competitors.

Analyzing scientific and technical publications of your competitors, allows you to compare them to each other on a specific subject. You can then visualize at a glance where everyone stands, who is winning the race and where your organization fits in relation to them.

You can analyze your competitors around 6 axes: experience, momentum, influence & network, patent activity, scientific activity and buzz.

As always, when clicking on Orbit Innovation graphs you access the analysis screen to manipulate the data via filters.

‘Positioning’ uses a Venn diagram to analyze areas covered by your competitors in relation to your company. This way, you immediately visualize which areas you have in common and those you don’t.

‘New Bets’ highlights new topics of interest for your competitors. It allows you to quickly visualize emerging topics in your competitive environment and who’s working on it. They contribute to the weak signal strategy approach.

‘Possible Competitors’ form a list of potential competitors that you may not have identified yet. They have similar profiles to your company’s and are positioned on very similar topics.

Emerging competitors are new players, usually start-ups, that just appeared on a topic.

Classify and sort actors you follow

Your organizational bookmarks are evolving. You can now classify each organization using tags to refine your search - and use specific dashboards such as “Competitive Landscape”.

Clicking on "classify" in the list of organizations in the righthand bar, you can now assign tags to qualify each actor:

Note that you can assign several tags to the same organization.

You can also define a tag for your own organization (symbolized by a blue star) to better visualize where you are in your results and dashboards.

A set of filters allows you to quickly sort your organizations by tags.