Transaction type for reassignments

Focus directly on the key reassignment data

To keep track of patent ownership changes, one must take a close look at the re-assignment data recorded by the different patent offices. This information can be read in the Biblio tab.

Over the next three months, our coverage of re-assignment data will significantly expand, its display has been reviewed and improved to help you better understand the nature of the ownership change.

New transaction type data

Now each re-assignment action is supplemented with Questel valued added field “Transaction type” which will help you identify whether the re-assignment action related to one of the following transaction types.

Focus directly on key data

Most US patents contain an Inventor reassignment action for each inventor. This creates a number of lines in the reassignment data which can make it difficult to spot subsequent company to company transactions.

To help you identify key transactions quicker, we have removed these inventor reassignments from the family summary view. If you do want to see these lines you’ll need to go the associated publication view.