Orbit Intelligence beta version

A new beta version of Orbit Intelligence is now available to all users at https://beta.orbit.com

All work environment and sessions remain active and allow users to keep working as if they were on the commercial version of Orbit Intelligence.

Searching Patent Assignee

Easier, more comprehensive and efficient

Orbit Intelligence now provides a redesigned are far more efficient patent assignee search section.

Redesigned search menu

The new design enables users to select and combine company names selected in the corporate tree, or as a "free entry" in the dedicated box.

The "select" button opens a zone where a company name can be typed to list the subsdiaries. The "free entry box" allows users to type any name and add them to the query.

New enhanced corporate tree

The new corporate tree now limits the subsidiaries to patent assignees only, and displays the actual number of patents for each subsidiary. To make the selection more efficient, the searched terms are highlighted across all occurrences.

Once the selection of relevant subsidiaries has been made, a chip is added underneath the entry box.

Any selection of companies made from the corporate tree is flagged with a "corporate tree" symbol as illustrated above.

More efficient searching

It is now possible and very easy to combine several company names in a single query, whether they are originating from the corporate tree wizard, or from the free text entry box.

Typing other company names in the free text entry box followed by a click on the " + " sign (or the " enter " key) creates a chip for each name, added to the list of companies to be searched, underneath the entry box (see below)

Any entry can be removed from the list by clicking on the cross in the chips.

Unchecking the "search only current assignee" box de-activates the corporate tree option ("select" button) and activates the "dictionary" wizard, which lists the occurrences as identified in the database, listed in alphabetical order.

New enhanced Entity card

The Entity card now contains the revenue information for the company.

Export processing enhancement

More efficient, asynchronous management of large exports

Until now, exporting a large selection of records was processed online, live, and prevented users from doing anything else on the Orbit Intelligence interface until the whole process was over. The impact on productivity could be significant.

For the above reasons, Orbit Intelligence now handles exports more efficiently:

1. Select the electronic format and fields, and click on the Download button.

2. Sets exceeding 500 records generate the following message.

3. Clicking on the Email button allows you to insert a comment in the message to be received by recipients.

4. The following message resumes the process to start.

5. The following email is received by recipients, containing a dynamic link to the exported records fetched from the Questel servers:

6. The exported documents open in the requested electronic format: