Faster navigation on all Questel products

Hardware and bandwidth upgrades have been implemented to provide greater user experience, performance and consistency

Questel’s storage backend has been upgraded, improving all operations that require data read/write performance.

Tasks like opening up large workflows, Intellixir analyses, full text searches, etc. are now faster.

A few measures at a glance:

5X more bandwidth!

The bandwidth between servers has been upgraded to 100Gbit/second!

Latency divided by 2!

Data read/write turnaround time has been divided by 2. Below is a comparison of latency by Input/Output (IO) random read operations:

A large part of the IO is done in the range <250us, instead of <500us on the old storage (which was already on full SSD).

Workfiles nearly 4 times faster!

The opening of Workfiles is now a lot faster. To give an idea of the speed gain, loading of all existing Workfile indexes during maintenance has been taken down to 8min compared to 30min previously.

Faster, more consistent maintenance

Database maintenance is now twice as fast, ensuring consistent weekly updating of the databases, starting with the key Fampat and Fullpat databases.