Orbit Intellixir Version 16

New homepage and improved graphs

This version is primarily based on user requests: more than 30 features have been improved. Additionally, new statistics have been created: player benchmark and patent estimated cost analysis.

New home page

When connected, a new homepage is displayed. Its design is now closer to other questel products, particularly orbit express.

More than a new design: you can now manage your studies at a multi-level explorer where you can drag & drop your studies.

New page "Benchmark"

This feature allows you to identify differences and specificities between players. here are examples of uses:

A company can detect technical domains where they do not have patents, but their competitors do. The company can then investigate why the competitors file in such IPC codes while they don't.

A company can measure the originality of other players counting the number of IPC codes specifically used by these players.

In the case of collaboration between two players, this page can highlight what is shared and what is specific to each player, helping to write the non-disclosure agreement.

Estimated patent cost analysis

Since a few weeks, Orbit Intelligence and its patent family database Fampat, offers estimated cost for patents. This information is based on Orbit Asset algorithms, the Questel patent portfolio management system. Orbit Intelligence platinum users can get information about past and future estimated costs regarding patents and families.

Please contact helpdesk to activate this feature.

Landscape map improvements

Several options appear in this feature:

1. Ability to focus.

2. Ability to rename your cluster.

3. Ability to save your graphs.

Phylogenic tree improvement

Landscape map improvements are partially applied to the phylogenic tree.

A specific improvement has been made in the phylogenic tree: When a cluster contains documents linked to several search queries, a pie-chart allows you to see the ratio of each query.

Geographical map settings

New parameters are now available for geographical maps:

1. User can define their own set of ranges or use the default one.

2. User can hide the geographical areas box (WO, EP, …).

Performance improvement

Optimizations have been made to reduce database loading processes by 70%! The calculation of accelerations has also been improved.

20+ other enhancements come with this new version, and the help manual has been updated, in French and English.