Clearer publication table design

Publications now grouped by application and organized by EP and PCT parent applications.

The list of publications associated to a patent family which is displayed in the Biblio and Preview tabs has been re‑organized by application.

Some of the links which were previously displayed in line with each publication have now been moved. Details below.

 Download PDF of the associated publication. Available to the right of each publication.

 Link to the national register for legal status data direct from the source. Available to the right of each application. Presuming we have a link for the associated authority.

  Compare function. Allows you to compare how the text has changed between two different publications in the same family. The link is available above the publication table in the top right corner.

 File history order. Previously we had an icon allowing users to order a file history directly from the interface. This icon has now been removed but you can still make your orders directly on the DigiPat website.

These changes have been implemented in response to a number of requests from existing users. We hope they will help you get a faster understanding of the structure of the patent family.