Ideation and white space analysis

Develop new ideas for technological applications and select new technological and patentable solutions.

All key technological challenges are considered: eliminate a problem or mitigate a risk, increase functional performance, cost reduction, development of new product features.


Two principal methodologies are used for this service by our consultants: Triz Modern and CK.
The methodologies are implemented around ideation workshops, with technology specialists, marketing, production, and management participating in the events when appropriate.
Prior to the event: An evaluation will be undertaken to ascertain key knowledge from the company. Solutions already envisaged in-house, external solutions already known and the company’s own know-how will all be considered.
A patent landscape analysis will be developed to ensure that all possible existing solutions described in the patent documentation have been identified.
A number of propositions will be developed and prioritized based on a strict list of pre-defined criteria with the client. Such criteria will include: expectations for performance, the existence of internal knowledge, time to market …
Prior art related to propositions and white space patent searches (optional).


A list of qualified proposals will be documented and prioritized by criteria during the workshop. A patentability analysis of selected propositions is optional