IP roadmap

Position the project in the industrial value chain to capture new value through the creation of industrial property rights.

Anticipate risks linked to freedom to operate and safeguard the project. Build a strategic IP roadmap to strengthen the project’s position.


Implement an analysis of the industrial value chain and correctly position the business project.
Undertake a diagnosis concerning the quality of the IP owned by the company to support the project.
Collection of patents belonging to key players in the industrial value chain and mapping of the patent environment of the project.
Analysis of the mapping with a strong focus on key market players involved in the industrial value chain (mainly customers and suppliers).
Risks related to IP overlapping areas between key players in the industrial chain. Patents likely to hinder / block freedom to operate. Workarounds. Capture new value on the chain (customer /supplier) through the creation of IP. Strengthen IP positioning through patent acquisition
Perform an IP swot analysis and definition of an IP roadmap to develop new value.
The IP roadmap follows on from the SWOT analysis. A list of planned IP actions will be proposed. Creation, workarounds, destruction, acquisition, license … Suggested performance indicators.
A value creation objective is planned for each IP right held, planned, or planned for acquisition


Analysis report in PPT format and recommendations for capturing the maximum value possible from the industrial value chain.