IP valuation

Develop financial value to IP assets within a specific context and for a specific use : sale/acquisition, litigations, mergers & acquisitions, financial communications, investment in a start-up, a loan, an IPO


Develop a full understanding of the context of the financial evaluation and how assets will be used.

Scanning of different possibilities of value creation versus the financial risks incurred. Landscape of the patent environment and assessment of the aggressiveness of the domain and the existence of standards.

Qualitative analysis of intellectual property assets. Scoring of assets using both Questel metrics and our own business experts. In absolute and relative terms. Metrics denote the relevance of the technology, the accessibility of markets, and patent impact. Our experts will evaluate the ease of work arounds, to demonstrate infringement, the examination proceedings … Evaluation of the essentiality of patents if part of an industry standard.

Research and aggregation of technical and economic data necessary for the evaluation that will impact on the evaluation process. Search for comparables litigation results. Interviews conducted with experts if necessary.

Identification of the valuation methodology, value calculation based on a probative argument.

Historical cost methods, market approach, cash flow, either in association or not with the real options methodology, proposal of a decision tree if several values are likely.

Support to negotiations is available as an option.


We will supply one (or several) possible values for immaterial assets, the data used for calculating values, the methodology used to calculate the values, the results and the argument necessary for negotiations.