Out licensing & Technology transfer

Add value to IP assets through licensing and technology transfer. Generate new revenue streams.


Step 1

Scan the portfolio for the identification of high potential patents. Create clusters.
Definition of the valorization conditions acceptable for the Client (license, sales, R & D program, start-up, etc.) and the input that the client will provide during the valorization exercise (availability of staff, testing etc.)
Initial discussions with inventors, if possible, to better understand the limits and the potential of the valorization of selected clusters. Strengthening of clusters by other valuable assets (secret know-how, brand, designs and utility models etc.) if available within the company.
Synthetic analysis of the patent environment for each of the clusters, research of hot topics and identification of the first targets.
Qualitative analysis of cluster quality with regards to targeted applications: addressable markets and access conditions, relevance and technological maturity, IP strength, infringement opportunities, competing technologies…
Validation of the potential for valorization and proposals for adding value by cluster and valorization programs. Identification of key targets.

Step 2

Development of promotional marketing material to be sent to the key contacts. Exploitation of our own network of experts and identification of key prospects. Contact targets for the qualification of marks of interest.

Step 3

Support to help develop the key technical and financial conditions necessary for negotiations. Support during the negotiations.


Development of an analysis report in Word or PPT format. Promotional marketing material. List of prospects. Technical and financial aspects related to the negotiations and subsequent contract.