Patent landscape

Understand a technology’s macro environment: activities and developments of the field, major technological trends, key players and new entrants, high-impact patents, and filing strategies.


Definition of scope of the specified domain and of the taxonomy
(segmentation architecture including 6 to 8 segments).
Definition of search criteria.

Development of search strings related to search parameters and querying of the patent database.
Semi-automatic selection and indexation of patent dataset according to taxonomy.
Analysis of the segmented patent dataset.

Development of an analysis report: — Inventive activity — Mapping of technological concepts — Technological trends — Geographic coverage — Established players and new entrants — Level of aggressiveness in the field — High-impact patents — Standards — Collaborations


Analysis report in PPT and Excel file formats (on request) including segmented and ranked patent database, visuals, search equations, description of CPC / IPC classes used.