Player benchmarking

Compare the performance of the IP protection with those of your client, measure the balance of power, then identify corrective actions.

Develop a global overview of patent filing strategies, and consequently compare the R&D strategies, of several companies in a specific domain, or a complete portfolio.


Provide a list of the key market players to be compared (with or without subsidiaries). Define the project scope and patent portfolio segmentation.

Identification and presentation of the metrics to be used to measure the power balance, explanation of interpretation of metrics.

Collection and segmentation of patent information.

Analysis of patent portfolios

Technological trends, ongoing investments / divestments, targeted markets and applications, collaboration strategies, filing and portfolio development strategies, associated and comparative costs, aggressiveness of players, licensing agreements …

Comparison of power balance and strategic recommendations to strengthen position

Definition of KPIs, based on metrics in order to measure and monitor on an ongoing basis the evolution of the power balance.


Analysis report and recommendations to close the gap with competitors and assume patent leadership, anticipate risks and seize opportunities.