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Health, Well-Being, Medical

As our healthcare industry rapidly evolves, the technologies and markets that emerge are driving new economic models and an urgency in selecting the right technologies and partnerships. What is often overlooked as we pursue this torrid pace is the critical importance of adapting our intellectual property strategies and tactics. Simply, as we continue to mix and cross more and more technologies to yield industries like connected medical devices and nutraceuticals, we must continue to evaluate our changing IP rights, opportunities, and risks.

Energy, Environment, and Transportation

With major environmental concerns, substantial technology transformations, and the increasing appearance of new players, the Energy, Environment, and Transportation domains are growing more and more complex. In the face of this dynamism, intellectual property strategies and tactics cannot remain static. Our experts spend most of their waking hours evaluating and analyzing not only the IP and technology landscapes, but also the business landscape as the three are tightly interwoven. The development and ongoing updates to the IP components of your business plan are critical to your successful navigation of these fast-changing waters.

Electronics, ICT, and Finance

With complex regulatory requirements and short product lifecycles, the domains of Electronics, Information Communication Technology (ICT), and Finance each have their own interesting IP challenges. Inventions in these domains are often positioned at the crossroads of many IP options, such as patents, trade secrets, joint development relationships, defensive publications, in/out licensing, and others, all against the backdrop of the looming threat of litigation. With this in mind, our approach combines your competitive landscape, a deep understanding of both IP and the nature of your innovation, industry regulations, and business models in your industry to deliver you all the right information in an actionable format.

Chemistry and Materials

The Chemical and Materials industries justifiably have the longest patenting traditions. By their very nature, more now than ever before, innovations in these domains touch every part of our lives. For more than 15 years we have supported our many customers as they adapt their IP plans to meet the rapidly changing business and technology landscape. Simply, we help them to make the best technology choices for growth and to build a strategy that keeps them competitive in future markets.