Technology and competency mapping

Develop a comprehensive state of the art technological analysis for a pre-defined field of innovation. The mapping project will help the client understand the latest trends and position his project/company correctly. Cross-analysis of patent and NPL data as well as web info and expert interviews.


Definition of the mapping scope and of taxonomy. Development of search equations and database queries. Development of the technology landscape, identification of key players and markets…
The landscape data is segmented manually for reasons of quality (for larger numbers of documents, this process is semi-automatic). Segmentation is carried out by: technology/function/application/market player as agreed with the client.
Qualitative analysis (by consultants) of key strengths identified in the landscape in order to fully understand the technological domain and its key trends. Experts interview (optional)

— Technological trends and their levels of maturity — Innovative concepts — Weak signals — market players, new entrants and their positions on the industrial value chain — The balance of power — Levels of aggressiveness and business practices in the field — Current, future and key target markets — Volumes — Business Models — Collaborations — Patent Strategies of Leading filing companies — Key Patents — Inventors of note (by volume)

Positioning of the business project and recommendations

Identification of risks and opportunities in the field for the business project: free, blocked or congested areas, preferred collaboration partners, companies worthy of acquisition, licensable patents


Analysis report in PPT format together with recommendations aimed at developing and securing the business project in the field of innovation