Technology scouting and

Identify technologies, patents, companies worthy of acquisition, R&D partners and experts to accelerate development phases and enable companies to position and secure access to new markets.


Gain a deep understanding of the clients’ needs and the filtering criteria necessary for the selection and prioritization of objectives.
Definitions of the technological domain and reference taxonomy will be made. Search equations and database queries will be made for the extraction of information.
Cross analysis of patent information, scientific publications and internet data (for the identification and prioritization of targets).
Exploitation of our own network of international experts. Investigation of technological markets, technology transfer offices, incubators …
Identification of technologies, key market players, expertise, key patents in the field.
Selection and prioritization of targets based on predefined criteria and objectives agreed with the client.
Examples of selection criteria include: relevance of technology/expertise with regards to clients’ objectives, technological maturity and distance to market, quality and impact of industrial property, accessibility …
Recommendations regarding the strategic approach for building an IPR portfolio
Optional: evaluation of the quality and financial value of patents to be acquired
Evaluation of License agreements in the field, comparable databases for licenses and royalty rates


Analysis report in PPT format outlining selection and prioritization of targets, expert recommendations on the best targets in view of the client’s objectives.