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Blockchain Technology and IP

Blockchain technology: the ability to disrupt IP activities, from IP registrations to the payment of loyalties

[Expert Interview]

Let's talk about blockchain in IP for 1 min!

Today, we will focus on why you should protect your IP with blockchain technology. Check out Jeferson Staelens' expert opinion.

Jeferson is a legal technologies expert. He comes from a dual background of law and computer programming and has 4 years' experience designing and implementing legal solutions, mainly in cybersecurity, blockchain-based applications, contract automation and data analytics.

[Video - 45 min]

Record, timestamp and manage your intangible assets using the blockchain

Having the ability to demonstrate that your data existed on a particular date and time and was not tampered with is critical to securing your intangible asset!

That’s why we are leveraging the blockchain to help you record, manage and keep track of your innovation while ensuring the integrity and the existence of your data. All in a user-friendly platform.

Watch the video and discover how Questel can empower you to:

  • Demonstrate ownership/creatorship
  • Gather evidence of use for trademarks
  • Establish reasonable steps for protecting trade secrets
  • Keep track of all versions and contributions to an asset

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Trade secrets

[Best practices - Checklist]

Protecting your trade secret proactively

Trade secrets are not risk-free, but failure to secure can cause massive damage. Yet, to prevail and successfully seek injunctive and monetary relief, you must prove that you have taken “reasonable measures” to protect your trade secrets. 

Read the article and discover our minimum viable best practices checklist of reasonable measures.

Defensive publications

Defensive publication: introducing the strategy

[Expert Interview]

Let's talk about patent portfolio pruning for 2 min!

Today, we will focus on why in some cases it is more relevant for your organization to use defensive publications than patent or trade secrets to protect your assets. Check out Felix Coxwell's expert opinion.

Felix Coxwell brings 17 years of experience in both intellectual property and software design as well as a passion for aggressively delivering innovative, simple solutions.

[eBook - 5 pages of best practices]

Defensive Publication in a nutshell

Protect your invention at a lower cost and save time

Patent protection is expensive; specialist staff time is required to draft a patent, negotiate a grant and enforce. 


Organizations with defensive publication programs have a low-cost solution. 

Our eBook is designed to provide you an overview on defensive publication and help you boost your IP strategy.

Access 5 pages of best practices to set-up a good defensive program: 


Customer SuccessConsultant


About the author

Jesper has worked within the IP industry since 2006 and joined Questel in 2011. Initially working in different commercial roles, Jesper now helps clients with customer support and trainings for the Orbit product lines and also supports the Research Disclosure defensive publication service.

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