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Filing & Prosecution Services

All IP firms around the world can manage a filing project in their own country:

 very few can manage worldwide projects including an analysis before starting the project and checking that every single aspect is managed correctly in the different jurisdictions. With an extensive experience of complex large-scale projects, we have set rigorous standards and data protocols to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.

Our service is designed to remove every potential burden from clients including the preparation, execution, notarization and legalization of documents required to file new applications, including powers of attorney. We take responsibility for each stage of prosecution so as to best ensure success and speed to registration, including office actions, provisional refusals and oppositions as they arise.

Our Offering


Dedicated platform

Available 24/7, free of charge, you can check the status of every single project


Comprehensive Solution

We include customized reporting and take full responsibility for the prosecution part


Smart Management

Full transparency on costs, a project leader dedicated, direct connection with our benchmarking tools

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Cost Management

Audit, Negociation, Compliance, Benchmark,
Forecast and Invoice Bundling.

TM Search

Expand a trademark to new products or new geographic markets to reduce the potential risk for infringement.

TM Renewals

Our renewals service for trademarks and designs allows you to delegate full responsibility to Questel.

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