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Gain time to explore new markets and opportunities

Orbit Innovation is the first true innovation intelligence solution to provide a single source access to the latest trends, patents, startups, competitors, partners, technologies, and publications. Fully automated and continually updated.

The unmatched User experience associated with the largest innovation data scope helps you predict emerging trends and competitors’ strategies.

Orbit Innovation

Competitive Intelligence

Questel uses machine learning powered by human cognition to generate and automatically update players profiles, networks and competency mapping.

Get a ranking of players coming both from the industry (corporations, startups) and academia (universities, research centers) and monitor their activity.

Orbit Innovation
Orbit Innovation

Technology scouting

Smart search allows you to easily build complex queries and combine all innovation markers for a topic.

Advanced filtering options and semantic models enable you the possibility to navigate and focus on technical solutions you are looking for and some you didn’t even know might exist.

Orbit Innovation

Partners sourcing

Find partners in the industry ecosystem, beyond your company’s borders.

Track and evaluate startups, universities, or experts that will hasten and feed your open innovation.

Orbit Innovation

New markets exploration

Cross search 500 data sources and 50 types of documents in a single platform:

Patents, scientific articles, grants, R&D projects, clinical trials, theses, posters, investments, startups and corporate news, webpages, etc.

With one click you will be provided different visual insights to help you understand the market at a glance.

Pre-defined dashboards save time and you benefit from hands-on experience.

Big picture results page has drill-down capabilities.

Orbit Innovation

How can we cope with uncertainties that characterize the beginning of an innovation project ?

Find out our handy tips !

In a technology-driven world, many strategic positions necessitate innovation insight.

The best-in-class solution to support:

  • Ideation process
  • Design thinking workshops
  • Technology and Product roadmap
  • Open innovation
  • Partner, expert or acquisition sourcing

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