Efficiently assess and prioritize your innovation projects

Explore all the market insights you need to make the right decisons

Any innovation strategy represents a hypothesis tested against the realities of markets, technologies, regulations and competitions. For each innovation strategy there are thousands of innovation issues an organization can deal with. But only some of them can really bring about company sucess and sales potential.

So, how do you consistently build and secure an innovation roadmap?

Easily access a global technology and competitive landscape on your topics:

In this webinar, you will discover insights to help you answer your most strategic questions, such as:

  1. What are the IP dynamics on my topics? Is it a trendy technology or an emerging technology? Where does the R&D originate?
  2. Who are the key players and influencers working on my topic? What are my competitors doing? Can I identify some potential partners?
  3. What are the market trends on my topic? Are there strong investments on this technology?
  4. What is the technological environment around my topic? Which research domains are involved? In which applications is the technology most used?

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