Introducing Orbit BioSequence

Search DNA, molecules, and patents all in one platform!

Searching for DNA, RNA, and amino acid sequences across Orbit Intelligence’s massive collection of patents is now a reality.

Orbit BioSequence is the only software platform that allows users to conduct sequence searching in a fully featured platform, making it possible to see sequence alignments in a patent and family context.

Signature features include: –

Complete integration in Orbit Intelligence.

  • New motif algorithm, allowing use of SNPs or complex patterns to find sequences.
  • New result capabilities (combine chemistry, legal status, keywords in full-text or just independent claims AND sequence search results).
  • The latest stable version of NCBI Blast (millions of sequences in patents, manually curated sequences).

Multiple simultaneous query sequences capability. Convenient filter, enabling users to quickly see which patent families have hits with several query sequences.

User-friendly interface for quick relevance-assessment of the hits, combined with advanced sequence filtering for claimed sequences, multiple percentage identities, and organisms.

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