How to Determine the Market for your IP ?

How to Determine the Market for your IP ?

The concept of IP, especially patents, is strongly related to the property’s value, and it is the determination of this value that controls the decision to use the patent portfolio as a basis or an extension of a product line or as a licensing opportunity, or even to allow the property to lapse altogether.  You need to know the financial weight of your patents for:

  • Monetization programs (assignment, enforcement, cross-licensing)
  • Tax efficiencies
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Investment and start-up creation
  • IP based loan collateral
  • R&D partnership and many other considerations 

Discover what is necessary to determine the correct monetary value of your IP to help make appropriate decisions in negotiations.

(Approaches, Scoring process, Measuring the IP Sensitivity, Market Estimation, Valuation)

How to Determine the Market for Your IP

This white paper contains 10 pages of a transparent, objective and easy methodology to communicate valuation process. Armed with this valuation any entrepreneur, licensing officer, investor or IP director can feel confident about negotiating contracts with the true value of his IP assets in mind.

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