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Why IP e-Learning trainings?

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In this period more than ever, training your experts while also making all employees IP savvy, is essential. Before making a decision to roll out a new corporate training program across your company, you need to know how it will be received by your colleagues.

That's why we are offering you 3 months free access to IP e-learning training courses through of July!

A unique chance to test the entire program!


Access our e-Learning IP training program on all IP topics and for all levels by creating a new account in July, 2020.  Test it and obtain all the feedback you need before implementing it company-wide.

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For Learners

What's inside?

Access more than 300 videos!

SHORT, engaging trainings

Intellectual property is the new cornerstone necessary for businesses to succeed in our rapidly changing world.

IP risks and opportunities are everywhere. With this in mind, it's obvious that IP must be part of our planning and mentality for any business or a technology professional today.

That‘s why Questel has created IP Fundamental trainings' program:

Patent fundamental training

What is a patent? What is patent infringement? How can a patent be enforced? What is prior art and why is it so critical to the patent process? How can I effectively deal with patent counsel?

Trademark fundamental training

Trademarks and copyrights exist; trademarks and copyrights opportunities exist; seeing them and understanding what to do about them is unquestionably not obvious.

IP & Innovation Custom Trainings

Custom your trainings

Obtain exactly the training program you need without needlessly expending time and resources

The main challenge is adoption. What's the point of providing training if your leaners are watching the clock and not the instructor?

If our generic library doesn't suit your need, we can quickly and affordably customize existing material for you without sacrificing quality.

Build and maintain internal buy-in

Promote and illustrate the value of IP within your company


We get that it’s not just senior leadership that has to endorse IP training. You need partners within departments from R&D to Sales & Marketing.

We’ll work with you to create content explaining why IP is important so you can get the buy-in that you need.

This eBook is an example of the content we can produce to help you promote IP training within your company.


Download the eBook, promote and illustrate the need to instill an IP culture through all departments and positions.

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