About Questel

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Management Team

Anna Sikora

Chief Financial Officer

Since 2020

Antonia Ro

Antonia Rodgers

Managing Director International Filing

Since 2008

Benjamin Dez

Benjamin Dez

Worldwide Sales Director

Since 2014

Charles Besson-S

Charles Besson​


Since 2001

Christophe Marchisio

Christophe Marchisio​

VP, Global Sales

Since 2009

Eugénie Mérigeault

Eugénie Mérigeault​

Customer Success Director

Since 2015

Fréderic Tcherneian

Fréderic Tcherneian​


Since 1994

Guillaume Ferre

Guillaume Ferré

Director Service Marketing

Since 2005

Jeremy Coombs

Jeremy Coombs​

Translation Vice-President of Operations

Since 1999

Laila Palmer

Laila Palmer​

Sales Enablement Manager

Since 2016

Laurent Hill

Laurent Hill​

Chief Technical Officer

Since 2002

Miguel Iglesias

Miguel Iglesias​

Chief Operating Officer

Since 2003

Monika Zajc

Monika Zajc​

Procurement and Renewals Manager

Since 2018

Pascal Magnier

Pascal Magnier

Marketing Communications & CSR Director

Since 2008

Renaud Garat

Renaud Garat​

Director Product Marketing

Since 1994

Ruiling Hou

East Asia Sales Director

Since 2009

Board of Directors

Charlotta Ljungdahl

Head of IP


Dan Soudry

Managing Partner

IK Investment Partners


Deborah Collignon

Associate Director

IK Investment Partners

Edouard Guigou

Managing Director


Marc Frappier

Managing Partner / Head

Eurazeo Capital

Sophie Flak

ESG-Managing Partner


Mathieu Blanc

Associate Director